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83-year-old Jain woman in TN embraces death after 41-day santhara


CHENNAI, November 7, 2015: Marudevi Ammal, an 83-year-old woman in a remote village in Tiruvannamalai district of Tami Nadu who was observing santhara (sallekhana), a Jain ritual in which an individual fasts to death, attained samadhi at 2.40 pm on Thursday.

Marudevi took the santhara vow at a Jain temple in Thensenthamangalam village 41 days ago.

In the days since then, she gradually reduced food and water intake. Eleven days ago, she gave up food and water completely and was in a meditative state.

This could be the first time a woman attained samadhi after embracing santhana in Tamil Nadu. The cremation will take place as per the Jain agamas.

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