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श्री सुधासागर जी पूजन

 स्थापन. Lyrics - sulabh jain सुधा सागर जी की मंगल वाणी का हम सब गुणगान करेनतमस्तक होकर मुनिवर को बारम्बार प्रणाम करेतीर्थो के हैं वो उद्धारक जिनवाणी के है वो लालशरण मे जो भी इनकी आता हो जाता उसका कल्याण1. जब जब मुनि पुंगब के पग को जल से धोया जाता है वो ही जल पैरो को छूकर गंधोदक बन जाता हैविद्यासिंधु के शिष्य कहाये गुरु का रोसन नाम कियागुरु का...

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Anger Management - According to Jainism

 Anger Management - According to Jainism Anger is an emotion ,in which a person make a psychological interpretation of having been offended , wronged, or denied. A person may react to his anger in active or passive way. Active way being a person becomes angry spontaneously and then soon after that calms down. Example if a person breaks your fa...

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Jain Rituals

Jain rituals play a prominent part in Jainism. A ritual "is a stereotyped sequence of activities involving gestures, words, and objects, performed in a sequestered place, and designed to influence preternatural entities or forces on behalf of the actors' goals and interests." Rituals can take place daily or more often. Different traditions of a com...

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The Jain Path In Life Part 2

 The Higher Stages of the Religious LifeWhilst it is quite possible to lead a religious life as a lay person complete devotion to religion involves giving up completely the concerns of ordinary life. In most religions we find groups of people, usually fairly small in numbers, who leave home and family and occupation to live dedicated lives as ...

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The Jain Path In Life Part 1

 The Religious Life of the Lay Man or WomanAs we have seen earlier, Mahavira started a fourfold organization of monks and nuns, who can follow his teachings to the utmost limit of human capability, and lay men and women who follow them within the limits of their everyday duties. All can achieve moksa but monks and nuns, because they have no at...

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