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CHANDRAPUR, July 10, 2015: A gang of unidentified robbers made a failed attempt at ancient Parshvanath Jain temple in Bhadrawati on last Friday night. The robbers overpowered three sentries and succeeded in breaking into the main temple, but buzzing alarm foiled their bid and they fled, empty handed.

The robbers, six in number, came to the temple in the wee hours. However, before they could remove valuables from the idol of Parshvanath or the money from the donation boxes, the siren started blowing. Startled by the alarm, the robbers fled, without taking anything from the temple.

Police sources claimed that the robbers had covered faces with scarves and hence they were unable to identify them with the help of footage obtained from CCTV cameras. Police responded quickly to the buzzing siren and rushed to the temple premises, but till then robbers had disappeared into the dark.

This is the second time when robbers targeted the Jain temple. Earlier in July 2011, a gang had robbed the temple of cash and valuables worth Rs26 lakh. The police department failed to crack that case and the robbers are still at large. Source: Times of India