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Welcome to Online jain pathshala
a to way approaching virtue of janishm is a way to getting information and complete knowledge of Jain religion.
It's not only for specific people but also it is for world wide without cast boundation.

A place where you can connect to everyone.
A place where a person writes regularly about their interest.
A place or meeting where people can exchange and discuss ideas.
A place where you can submit Business Classified Ads.

With the Blessings ofAcharya Shri Vidyasagarji Maharaj

We team feel very proud to get a chance to serve this information in front of you all. And always we all here to solve your any query.

acharya shree vidyasagar ji maharajFor a man who has his sight fixed only on the soul substance, the jewel and pearls of ‘Chakravarti’ are meaningless for him. Our life should not be for wealth but wealth should be for life only then we can achieve emancipation.
Muni Shree PragyaSagar ji MaharajJainism is not merely a religion but a way to live life.... Him who is the leader in the path of salvation Him who destroys the huge mountain of Karmas Him whose knowledge apprehends the whole of reality I worship with object of obtaining similar qualities for myself.
Muni Shree Kshama Sagar jiHoke mayush youn na sham se dhalte rahiye jindgi bhor hai , suraj se nikalte rahiye ek hee paao.n pe thahroge to thaq jaoge dheere dheere hee sahi magar raah per chalte rahiye.

पंच परमेष्ठी

Great Men's View on Janism