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Acharya Shree Vidyasagar ji Maharaj

acharya shree vidyasagar ji maharaj
For a man who has his sight fixed only on the soul substance, the jewel and pearls of ‘Chakravarti’ are meaningless for him. Our life should not be for wealth but wealth should be for life only then we can achieve emancipation.

Muni Shree PragyaSagar ji Maharaj

Jainism is not merely a religion but a way to live life.... Him who is the leader in the path of salvation Him who destroys the huge mountain of Karmas Him whose knowledge apprehends the whole of reality I worship with object of obtaining similar qualities for myself.
Muni Shree PragyaSagar ji Maharaj

Muni Shree Kshama Sagar ji

Muni Shree Kshama Sagar ji
Hoke mayush youn na sham se dhalte rahiye jindgi bhor hai , suraj se nikalte rahiye ek hee paao.n pe thahroge to thaq jaoge dheere dheere hee sahi magar raah per chalte rahiye.

With the Blessings of Acharya Shri Vidyasagarji Maharaj

He is one of the best known modern Digambara Jain Acharya (philosopher monk). He is known both for his scholarship and tapasya (austerity). He is known for his long hours in meditation. While he was born in Karnataka and took diksha in Rajasthan, he generally spends much of his time in the Bundelkhand region where he is credited with having caused a revival in educational and religious activities

He was born as Vidyadhar, Oct.10, 1946 on sharad Purnima in Sadalga, Dist. Belgaum, Karnataka. His father was Shri Mallappa , who later became Muni Mallisagar and eventually attained samadhi. His mother Shrimati later became Aryika Samayamati, who has also attained samādhi.

He was initiated a monk by Acharya Gyansagarji, who belonged to the lineage of Acharya Shantisagar, in Ajmer in 1968. He was elevated to the Acharya status in 1972.

An expert in classical (Sanskrit and Prakrit) and several modern languages, Hindi, Marathi and Kannada), he has been a prolific author in Hindi and Sanskrit. Several researchers have studied his works for masters and doctoral degrees.

Panch Parmeshthi

Jains see the world as a river of suffering & misery and ford-finders find a way to cross it.

Jain Agam (Literature)

Jainism has no specific holy book but an amalgamation of scriptures called Agams. Before Mahavira’s time, oral tradition prevailed where the guru passed on his knowledge to his disciple through word of mouth. These scriptures or Agams are based on the discourses of the Tirthankaras. It is said that Indrabhuti Gautam Swami (chief disciple of Lord Mahavira) compiled these scriptures. They consist of 12 parts known as Angas. The twelfth Anga comprises of 14 Purvas. The Digambara sect of Jainism however, believe that the original Agamshave have been lost and the remaining are also corrupted. But Svetambaras accept all the Agams.

The Digambara sect however has a treasure trove of Jain books translated and described by numerous saints and people.

There are many scripture in jainism but we use common name jinvani which is divided into four parts:

Great Men's View on Janism

  • I say with conviction that the doctrine for which the name of Lord Mahavira is glorified nowadays is the doctrine of Ahimsa.
    If anyone has practiced to the fullest extent and has propagated most the doctrine of Ahimsa, it was Lord Mahavira.
  • Mahavira proclaimed in India that religion is a reality and not a mere social convention.
    It is really true that salvation can not be had by merely observing external ceremonies.
    Religion cannot make any difference between man and man.
  • We learn from scriptures (Sashtras) and commentaries that Jainism is existing from beginning less time.
    This fact is indisputable and free from difference of opinion.
    There is much historical evidence on this point.
  • There is nothing wonderful in my saying that Jainism was in existence long before the Vedas were composed.
  • Truly speaking, Jainism is an independent and original religion,
    for it is neither Hinduism nor Vedic religion, but of course it is an aspect of Indian life,
    culture, and philosophy.
  • Jainism is of a very high order. Its important teachings are based upon science.
    The more the scientific knowledge advances the more that Jain teachings will be proven.
  • I am not Rama. I have no desire for material things.
    Like Jina I want to establish peace within myself.
  • O Arhan! You are equipped with the arrow of Vastuswarpa, the law of teaching, and the ornaments of the four infinite qualities.
    O Arhan! You have attained omniscient knowledge in which the universe is reflected.
    O Arhan! You are the protector of all the Souls (Jivas) in the world.
    O Arhan! The destroyer of kama (lust)! There is no strong person equal to you.